Video Production Brisbane

With both TV and Corporate experience, our team specialises in excellent video and animation production based on a scriptwriting process that clarifies your thoughts and converts them into a brilliant film.

Working in (1) Marketing & Sales (2) Training and Education (3) Events we give you BBC TV production values.  Since 2000 AD our corporate and business videos in Brisbane, Australia, the USA and Canada  have helped governments and the private sector communicate better. Over 9,500 corporate videos made in Brisbane, since 2000 AD, include Dance, our passion and, occasionally, the Wedding industry – a fun relief from the hard world of corporate video production.

Prior to, since 1989, our TV production consisted of 5-7 minute films for various TV Magazine Shows plus 2 documentaries. About 250 short films aired to millions of viewers weekly in shows that aimed at specific target audiences: women, literacy, art and religion. A Natural History documentary, Dancing With Dolphins, was made. At the turn of the century, December 1999, a Millennial Madness documentary was made.(Continues)

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Today our mission is to grow your company to be the best that it can be, via improved and excellent communication. We focus on three key areas (Marketing,Training & Events) which, combined, help you engage your customer base and increase sales. Besides sales, we train, educate and record (livestream) events, creating powerful marketing videos to promote your next event. All up, we are your one-stop communication solution.

We are, essentially, a communication company offering TV, Video Production, Animation and Motion Graphics. Associates offer Photography, VR and Augmented Reality.

Our skill is to work with you as a team to clarify your message, create an effective script and produce it on time on budget to the highest possible standards. Our movies are compelling. They hit your target market and achieve your goals. Our collaborative methods, as in BBC TV, are different to most video companies who are not experienced in collaboration, a learned skill. Collaboration leads to success via synergy. You get great results and huge appreciation from your peers. Your boss will love you. You become a video production hero.

Developing Human Potential and growing your business is our passion. By providing excellent communication in 3 key areas ( Marketing, Training, Events) we help you transform your company, increase profits and build a happier more productive workforce.

Community, Charity

From the start we supported Surf Lifesaving Australia. We support “ALIVE” a youth suicide prevention group; the Positive Mindset Creative Arts Festival (encouraging good mental health in youth); Dancing CEO’s (emergency shelters for battered women); the annual Brisbane Xmas/Chanukah Festival of Light. We help African refugees and sponsor an Aboriginal intern.

Networks of Media Experts

We associate with a network of talented media workers who produce websites, SEO and emerging media.

Our Mission and Promise to You

Our aim is to make the world a better place via transformative TV and Video production – to develop human potential for a peaceful, prosperous planet.

We follow ethical principals. It is an honour to have you as a client. We strive to respect your trust by giving you world-class results. We walk the extra mile to give you an excellent video that impacts powerfully on your target market. We help you grow your knowledge of video so this valuable tool is available to you to make your world a better place.

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