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BTP Digital

BTP Digital is a full-service, creative media production agency. It combines Paramount Video Productions with Marketing, Training and Event strategists to give you exceptional media success.


How can we help you?

  1. BTP DIGITAL, located at Brisbane Technology Park (hence BTP) is a full-service digital media agency creating innovative, exciting, media for: Communications; Sales, Marketing; Training, eLearning; Event Recording and Marketing, Livestreaming, Virtual Event production.
  2. This is your one-stop digital media solution – a  BrisbaneTech Park studio producing video, animation, graphics and original content.  Our media lights up your website, landing pages, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and much more. Whatever you need – we make.
  3. Our BBC TV-trained producers surpass your expectations, collaborating with you to conceive and create exciting solutions. Captivate, excite, entertain, inform, educate your audience. You are in the driver’s seat all the way – our BBC methods ensure you are the boss. You get magnificent media that works for you.

TRAINING, EDUCATION, eLEARNING: We design and produce powerful educational content that is memorable – remains in the mind far longer than any other media. This radically improves productivity. Our important, ongoing associations with leading research universities like the University of Queensland ensure you get cutting-edge eLearning that works for you.

EVENT RECORDING & MARKETING: We record your event and Livestream it with State-of-the-Art video production and photography. We provide video content to be screened at the event; do exciting TV-style interviews; shoot mobile phone images and video for instant Behind-the-Scenes social media, and make sizzling Highlights to attract delegates to your next event. 



  • At our first meeting, we hear you clearly and fully understand your brief. We research your company, media, and target market.
  • We create a production “team” within your company and aim for synergy.
  • Together with you we script and design a holistic media solution. This includes specialist input from BTP Digital associates – strategists.
  • Actors, presenters, and voice-over talent is sourced and approved by you.
  • Production takes place on time, on schedule. No cost blowouts. No drama – a happy creative fun shoot includes all your ideas. You view the camera monitor and contribute ideas.
  • In Pre-Production, Production, and Post Production you approve every key element. On set you have fun being a movie-maker. Watch your script become a world-class film!
  • Once the exciting videos and animations are made, BTP Digital strategists help you maximize outcomes in Sales, Marketing, and eLearning. Thanks to their strategy, you succeed. Your media spend goes further. You get exceptional value for money, great ROI. Your boss is happy. Your audience is delighted. Your company grows.
Digital Media Marketing
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  • BBC TV-trained, we give you world-class Marketing or eLearning content.
  • Once your video or animation is made, talented marketing and educational Strategists leverage content.
2D & 3D Animation and Games Development
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  • Our team of brilliant animators creates WOW! animation and motion graphics.
  • Genius Games Designer, Gary Good, is world-class with Games Design, Illustration and Production.
Website Development
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  • Our trusted website designers are experienced, talented and help you make sales.
  • Convert your web visitors into paying customers. Achieve more with your website.
Education, eLearning, Training
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  • Since 1989, Paramount Video has created excellent educational content for TV, Government, and the Corporate world.
  • As mass media experts, we will connect you, with impact, to your audience.
Brand Ambassadors
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  • Brand ambassadors, presenters, influencers. We find the right person for your brand.
  •  Build social buzz, sizzle and excitement around your brand.
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  • SEO may be a black art, but we’ve known our SEO company for 10 years. We’re in the top 3 on Organic Search, thanks to them.
  • Thank you Dan Watkins. Get to the top 3 in Google Search. Change your life.
Event Recording, Livestreaming
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  • Get a one-camera solution (weddings, small events), or a multiple-camera solution (conferences, celebrations, sports).
  • We record the event on video, make highlights, do interviews and make compelling marketing media.
Media Training and Voice Coaching
beautiful woman operating a video camera rig KLM9QZV
  • Based on 10 years prime- time TV Production we help you speak to the media confidently.
  • Our Voice Coach and Presenter Coach will inspire you to be a better, more confident speaker. Use this to communicate, pitch and sell more effectively
Video Production
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  • From script to screen, we work well with you to achieve any style of film you need. Give us an example, we can do it.
  • We are masters of style.

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