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COVID-free Filmmaking and Event Production in Queensland & Australia

Location Logistics Queensland/NSW, based in Brisbane and Sydney, is an experienced team of Film and TV Producers helping you produce incredible content for Netflix, Prime, Apple, USA TV, European TV and more.


Our aim: to make your Australian production super-successful, enjoyable and safe.

How can we help you?

  1.  MARKETING & PUBLICITY: Based on 20 years’ experience in a BBC TV environment at SABC TV, we help you produce Electronic Press Kits. We consult with your publicists to produce video, photo and written content. Our interviews with cast and crew are world-class. Our visuals of your production are stunning. We’ve done it all before. We produce the Making of (your film ) documentaries and Behind-the-Scenes video and photos for marketing and publicity.
  2. OUTSTANDING OUTDOOR LOCATIONS: From North Queensland to Byron Bay – oceans, forests, mountains, deserts, rivers – we have it all. Tell us your requirements. We will find your dream exteriors. Want more? Victoria, Western & Northern Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands – we will find the right location for you.
  3. ALL THE INTERIORS YOU NEED: from set construction in studios to existing locations. We have it all.
  5. CREW, CAST: sourced.
  7. POST PRODUCTION FACILITIES: supplied. Daily rushes included.
  8. CENTRAL SPACIOUS OFFICES: near to your shoot. Your effective Headquarters – internet, Bluetooth, wifi, printing – all the facilities you need.
  9. COVID FREE FILMMAKING: courtesy Queensland and NSW Health. Strict guidelines followed.

Our Team, Your Production

How to Work with Location Logistics Queensland/NSW

  1. Contact us directly at claire@paramountvideo.com.au or fill in the contact form. Supply relevant details.
  2. Get a basic price list, agree on the budget and the COVID conditions set by Health Queensland and New South Wales.
  3. Arrive and do quarantine 10-14 days, if applicable.
  4. Go to the production bubble and produce the project.
  5. Leave production bubble. Tour Australia and/or discover investment opportunities in Real Estate or business.


Producers Trev and Claire currently run btp Digital and Paramount Video Productions, a Film, TV, Video & Animation company in Brisbane Technology Park, Eight Mile Plains. Since 2000 AD the company has produced about 9,500 TV, Cinema, Video, and Animation productions. Previous to immigrating, the Producers worked for 20 years in Theatre, Film and TV in Johannesburg, South Africa, notably for BBC TV-trained SABC TV. See Trevor’s 35mm and 16mm film experience. Click here.

Today, working for some of the world’s biggest organizations, such as the United Nations WHO conference in Brisbane and for Government and Industry, the company has a reputation for BBC TV quality. See the showreel on our homepage.


Team Australia and You

Your Production

Your production will source experts, cast and crew from the best that Australia has to offer. You will get  Five Star treatment, live in the finest hotels, enjoy the best resorts and work with exceptionally talented, hardworking crew and cast. With 40 years of experience in Film and TV production, we can help you achieve world-class outcomes.

We know what it takes to produce the best creative work allowed by the budget, in Queensland, New South Wales and Australia.  Our vast experience in South Africa, Canada, California and Australia guarantees you get whatever it takes to please your TV channel partner and your audience.

  • Australia is serious about providing the best possible facilities to your production or event. Our Prime Minister and his cabinet fully support this. The Queensland Government is an avid supporter of Film and TV and via Screen Queensland, supports your efforts.

We welcome you to our country. We will do all we can to help you achieve great outcomes.


Get in touch with us today!

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