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Please glance at some of the founding documents of Community TV (CTV) Australia:

  1. CTV Discussion 
  2. CTV Executive Summary
  3. Blackdog Report 2022
  4. Bernard Salt: Shifting Populations
  5. CTV Mental Health and Wellbeing Report
  6. CRTC: Local and Community TV
  7. OECD: Children and Young People Mental Health in the Digital Age

Here are two examples of successful community TV channels in Canada:

At Paramount Video Production, we are committed to addressing the issue of social isolation and loneliness among Queenslanders and Australians by promoting social connection and community building through our Community TV program. Our goal is to empower people to become active and engaged members of their local communities by providing them with community video training, support for co-creation of community media, and a platform to share their, and their own communities, stories and perspectives. Through these efforts, we aim to create a more connected and inclusive society that values the unique contributions of all its members.

Prof. Amanda Lotz's comments on CTV

Amanda D. Lotz is a professor and leader of the Transforming Media Industries research program in the Digital Media Research Centre at Queensland University of Technology. She is the author, coauthor, or editor of ten books that explore television and media industries including We Now Disrupt This Broadcast: How Cable Transformed Television and the Internet Revolutionized It All,

How Logan can benefit from CTV

Rhiannon D. Elton, President of the Logan Chamber of Commerce, explains how the Logan Community can benefit from CTV.

Australia Day - Recreational Ride Jimboomba

Andrew Lowry, President of the Rotary Club Jimboomba, explains how Rotary is supporting the community

with this fun event, held to support mental well-being.

Why we need CTV Australia

Adam Lo, Occupational Therapist, Metro South Health explains why he believe CTV is so important for fostering a sense of wellbeing and belonging!

Brisbane book launch 'RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW' by Author Natalie Isaacs of 1 Million Women

The Old Museum, in Brisbane was the perfect setting. Hundreds of people rocked up to support the author and her cause of a greener Earth. Her message: you take responsibility now, in your own home and life. Use less electricity, consume less, embrace country, work together, and much more.
Great lighting from the venerable museum spotlights lit up this charismatic, dynamic author, her red air flowing in the warm glow.

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The Sony FS7 got great sound and a perfect front shot. The GH5, set on Vivid colour space, got an interesting, warm, side shot, aesthetically appealing. Both cameras and cameraman Trev did a great job.
Claire was on form as a BBC TV-type interviewer.
She plucked a whole host of excited book buyers from the crowd and conducted meaningful interviews with excited people who had travelled far and wide to support Nat Isaacs and her crusade to save Planet Earth.

We documented every speech plus about 8 precious interviews and VOX POPS. All up, about 90 minutes of good video from one event.

This video library forms an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) for Natalie. When in Brisbane she will be able to attend our edit suite and select media to be support her 6-month road trip to share her book RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW, with Australia.

This EPK, filmed to BBC TV standards, is an example of the media Paramount Video Productions is currently making. Just One event shoot supplies huge amounts of video and photo content, good to use over 6 months.

Positive mindset visual arts exhibition

This exhibition is beautiful and deeply moving. See it if you can. We got to speak to some of the artists and organisers, and to film each and every picture on exhibition. Amazing!
Two important interviews took place: Senior Health experts confirmed the importance of art as play in the development of a human being, noting that practising an art-form as a child helps develop important channels of perception.
Practising an art form as an adult is equally therapeutic, and has positive mental health benefits.
You see snippets of these important interviews in the short movie above. See more of this as we cut in more of the interviews later.
Thank you for sharing time with us. Contact CTV Australia via the Paramount Video website or phone 1300 656 269.

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