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2018-2019 has been an absolute delight for Paramount Video. We filmed some of the most exciting youth dance events in Australia. Ongoing clients: Intrinsic School of Dance (6 years), Premier Dance Academy (3 years), Step Right Dance (3 years), Chrystal Lee Dance (3 years), Footlight Dance (2 years) SCPAC Dance and the Performing Arts Factory all proved that Dance & Musical Theatre is alive and well in Queensland.

What joy it was to see young people not glued to screens, healthily exercising their bodies and minds, filled with community (dance school) spirit, loving their dance school, their teachers and their mates. These young people are learning how to be part of a team; how to cooperate; how to help their mates; to respect their bodies and keep them healthy and finally, to respect the wisdom of their teachers. Here is a grounding for life. Skills are being taught here which will help each and every person succeed in the future, on the stage we call Life. Paramount Video are specialists in Dance, Stage, Theatre and Graduation recording. Since the year 2000, Paramount Video has made thousands of DVDs – with hundreds of happy customers. Our productions are legendary, capturing the rhythm and spirit of the dance: a sense of timing which the cameramen feel in their bodies and put on the screen. We also film and edited a 5 min Behind-the-Scenes video . We help you grow your dance business with Highlight videos, Testimonials plus Social Media videos and photos.

New trend: Get your dance concert uploaded online (password protected) or transferred to USB. The quality is far superior than a DVD and parents can download a digital copy.

“Chrystal Lee School of Dance has had the pleasure of working with the team at Paramount Video Productions for the past few years. I have been extremely impressed with their professionalism, high quality video and editing, fast turn around and pricing. After a few years of being disappointed with previous companies, affecting my business through unhappy customers and negative feedback, I found Paramount, and I have been so pleased with every aspect of working with them. All of our customers have been happy and the feedback has only been positive. I have no hesitation in recommending Paramount to others. If there experience is anything like mine they will not be disappointed!”

Chrystal, owner of Chrystal Lee School of Dance.

Paramount's Dance Showreel 2019

  • A montage of Dance Highlights
  • All performances were filmed with 2 HD cameras
  • We often produced a Behind the Scenes montage for each performance
  • We also produced social media content for some of the schools
  • Some of our clients have made testimonial videos and highlight reels

Pinnacle Dance Challenge Promo 2019

  • A montage of Highlights from the Challenge
  • The close ups were sot in slow motion specifically for this montage
  • All performances were filmed in wide shot
  • Each school was supplied with a branded  bracelet USB.with all their performances
  • Social media videos may be made from the close up footage

SCPAC: Sunshine Coast Performing Arts College

  • Finale from 2018 Concert
  • We filmed with 2 HD Cameras. One with a wide angle lens , the other with a zoom lens.
  • We filmed Behind-the-Scenes, The first time ever for this school!
  • The lighting was incredible – the best we have ever had!

SCPAC Dance: Behind-the-Scenes

  • Behind-the-Scenes filmed 20 minutes before the show.
  • This was a separate chapter at the start of the DVD.
  • This is a great chance to see the dancers close up and capture all the excitement before the show!

Salsero Band Promo

  • Live performance
  • Filmed with 2 cameras

Performing Arts Factory 2018

  • Live performance
  • Filmed with 2 cameras

Band Promo: Phat Sauce

  • Live performance
  • Filmed with 2 cameras

Premier Dance Academy: Highlights 2018

  • Highlights from 6 different shows.
  • We filmed with 2 HD Cameras. One with a wide angle lens , the other with a zoom lens.
  • All 6 shows were hosted by Paramount on a dedicated Vimeo channel. All students were given the password to view the online videos.
  • This method reduced admin for the school and also increased the final quality as it was streamed in HD.

Intrinsic School of Dance Highlights 2018

  • This is the 6th year we have filmed this dance school.
  • Filming at the Butter Factor enabled us to get close to the performance.
  • The school’s Principal prefers the sound to be recorded on the camera mics to capture the atmosphere.

Premier Dance Academy Highlights 2017

  • Highlights from 2017 End of Year Concert. The Nutcracker
  • We filmed 6 concerts with Behind the Scenes before each Concert.
  • We provide the copies on credit card USB! A wonderful show , with wonderful dancers!

Sayers Dance Highlights 2017

  • Highlights from 2017 Concert. Sleeping Beauty.
  • Stunning ballet performances!


  • Three songs from this stunning performance.
  • The Wide Shot and Close Up shot were mixed in post production.
  • We also designed the slick and artwork for the DVD.

DLDC Dance

  • A montage from this professional end of year performance.
  • The Wide shot and Close up shot were mixed in post production.
  • We also designed the slick and artwork for the DVD.