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Best dance & stage video production in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

Top specialists in Dance and Stage recording since the year 2000, Paramount Video has made thousands of DVDs – with thousands of happy customers. Our productions are legendary for capturing the rhythm and spirit of the dance: a sense of timing which the cameramen feel in their bodies. This makes for deeper audience engagement with the film. Happy audiences experience a sense of being in the theatre – magic !

This deep connection to Dance and Theatre began in 1972-76 for Producer Trev, at university, where he learned dance from the great Tessa Marwick. Both English and an African “princess” – she possessed an amazing rhythm and delight in movement. This changed Trev’s life –  the liberating spirit of dance was born within him. Claire passionately studied Acting and Dance at Uni. Today she relates to and loves Dance, both classic and modern.

Today, we help you grow your dance business: we give you highlight videos, testimonial videos plus social media videos and photos. We encourage you to get your dance concert on USB not DVD, as quality is far superior. We also advise on lighting for performance and arrive early to supervise the right lighting for a great recording of your special dance. It’s an honour and privilege to film your dance, we delight in the creativity and joy.

Premier Dance Academy highlights

  • Highlights from 2017 End of Year Concert. The Nutcracker
  • We filmed 6 concerts with Behind the Scenes before each Concert.
  • We provide the copies on credit card USB! A wonderful show , with wonderful dancers!

Sayers Dance highlights

  • Highlights from 2017 Concert. Sleeping Beauty.
  • Stunning ballet performances!


  • Three songs from this stunning performance.
  • The Wide Shot and Close Up shot were mixed in post production.
  • We also designed the slick and artwork for the DVD.

DLDC Dance

  • A montage from this professional end of year performance.
  • The Wide shot and Close up shot were mixed in post production.
  • We also designed the slick and artwork for the DVD.