Live Streaming, Event Video and Photo Production

With BBC-TV training and a decade of prime-time TV experience, plus 9500 Corporate productions, we give you excellent quality. From major sports (AFL) and business conferences to smaller events (workshops, seminars, stage, dance, graduations) we do it all. No event too big or small. single or multi-camera.

Choose from (1) A video and photo record, and maybe Highlights, of your event (2) Livestreaming.  We recently filmed the entire week-long United Nations World Health Organisation conference at the Brisbane Convention Centre, providing 18 hours of footage. In addition we filmed, with another camera, all of the main and side events, to make two 7-minute Highlight videos.

Every day from 5-6 pm we did a Livestream webcast to the WHO Facebook page which went global. Questions from the world audience were received during the session. Answers were given from the expert interviewee. It was a grand occasion – a privilege and honour to see the people of the world come together to improve 2.5 billions peoples health in our sector of the world, and to document this for all time.

Event Showreel

  • This 4 min video is a collection of various events we have filmed
  • From conferences and workshops to event marketing
  • From to stage events to live streaming
  • Most events are filmed with 2 or 3 cameras
  • Drones used where appropriate

Logan Business Distinction Awards

  • We produced the Motion Graphic animations for all 26 categories
  • We also produced this Highlight Video
  • We supplied our Open Photobooth with an amazing selection of props

Click Digital Expo promo

  • This is the second year that Paramount has produced a video to promote the expo.
  • We interviewed the organiser and did lots of vox pops.

Positive Mindset promo

  • This 10 min Highlights of the Positive Mindset Creative Arts Festival.
  • This is the third time that paramount have filmed this event.
  • The festival continues to nurture and develop the capacity of the Metro South Health Region to recognise and respond to the mental heath needs and issues in young people.
  • We also produced credit card USB’s of the entire 2.5 hour concert.
  • These were given to schools in the region as a momento.

AIDS Conference

  • Aids Conference filmed at the Brisbane convention Centre.
  • In post we cut between the 2 cameras and edited in the powerpoint slides.
  • We used the picture–in–picture effect so you could see the slide while at the same time seeing the Presenter.
  • The four sections were compressed for online delivery.

Tough Mudder

  • We filmed the Queensland Launch of Tough Mudder.
  • A few critical shots were filmed in slow motion to add dramatic effect

Facebook Live Streaming

  • 1 of 5 examples of Facebook Live Streaming.
  • Each day of the WHO Conference we filmed a 15 live stream to Facebook.
  • We used 2 cameras, adding in supers.
  • At the start of the Stream we have a holding slide or video to notify viewers the stream is about to start.