Event Video Production: Live Streaming, Photography, Marketing

Best Event Video Brisbane

Do you want an event recorded on brilliant cameras by an expert team PLUS world-class video and photos created to bring tons of people to your next event? Do you want a stunning Highlights movie, great interviews with audience members ( who rave about your event) – and exciting interviews with your team? Since 2000 we have recorded and marketed about 100 events. Talk to a Producer now, to hear how we will help you.

From BIG (AFL, United Nations) to small (We Are Podcast), you can trust our proven track record. We 100% Guarantee you’ll get a technically excellent recording and outstanding marketing media. 

  • Recording: One or Multiple cameras, mixed live or edited later
  • Live Streaming: Use our private hosting platform, OR stream to any public platform such as Facebook 
  • Online hosting: We can host your content on various platforms
  • Marketing: We record your event and help you promote it. We help you attract excellent attendance to your next event        

Event Showreel

  • This 4 min video is a collection of various events we have filmed
  • From conferences and workshops to event marketing
  • From to stage events to live streaming
  • Most events are filmed with 2 or 3 cameras
  • Drones used where appropriate

We Are Podcast 2018

  • Social Media Promo of this International event.
  • We also live streamed this 2-day event.
  • During the live stream we mixed between the 2 cameras and the ppt slides.

World Health Organisation Conference (United Nations)

  • This 6 min video is the Highlights from this prestigious event
  • We filmed this event for 6 days at the Brisbane exhibition and Convention centre.W
  • We also did a Facebook Live stream each day
  • The client received all the unedited footage on a hard drive for archive purposes.

DDP Sports - Dennis Hogan

  • Dennis Hogan looks set for a title fight in 2019
  • This movie helped to promote the initial campaign which has led to a substantial boxing revival in Brisbane.

Logan Business Distinction Awards

  • We produced the Motion Graphic animations for all 26 categories
  • We also produced this Highlight Video
  • We supplied our Open Photobooth with an amazing selection of props

Click Digital Expo promo

  • This is the second year that Paramount has produced a video to promote the expo.
  • We interviewed the organiser and did lots of vox pops.

Positive Mindset promo

  • This 10 min Highlights of the Positive Mindset Creative Arts Festival.
  • This is the third time that paramount have filmed this event.
  • The festival continues to nurture and develop the capacity of the Metro South Health Region to recognise and respond to the mental heath needs and issues in young people.
  • We also produced credit card USB’s of the entire 2.5 hour concert.
  • These were given to schools in the region as a momento.

AIDS Conference

  • Aids Conference filmed at the Brisbane convention Centre.
  • In post we cut between the 2 cameras and edited in the powerpoint slides.
  • We used the picture–in–picture effect so you could see the slide while at the same time seeing the Presenter.
  • The four sections were compressed for online delivery.

Tough Mudder

  • We filmed the Queensland Launch of Tough Mudder.
  • A few critical shots were filmed in slow motion to add dramatic effect

Facebook Live Streaming

  • 1 of 5 examples of Facebook Live Streaming.
  • Each day of the WHO Conference we filmed a 15 live stream to Facebook.
  • We used 2 cameras, adding in supers.
  • At the start of the Stream we have a holding slide or video to notify viewers the stream is about to start.

Festival of Light - Brisbane City 2018

  • Social Media Promo of this multi-cultural event.