Event Video Production: LIVESTREAMING, Photography, Marketing

Best Event Video Brisbane

Do you want a truly well-recorded event PLUS world-class video and photos created to bring tons of attendees to your next event? Do you want a stunning Highlights movie, great interviews with audience members who rave about how amazing your event is, speakers who praise the event and you – and maybe even a short sharp interview with you? Since 2000 AD we have recorded and marketed about 750 events. Talk to Producer Claire now, or contact us, to hear how we will help you.

Our recent Sports Marketing videos helped to fill an empty Brisbane Convention Centre stadium for a Dennis Hogan Boxing event. The movies are still being watched on YouTube all the time, months later. It’s the incredible quality of our cameras, the expert shots of our videographers, the skillful BBC TV interview techniques, the compelling pacy editing that sets Paramount Video & Digital apart. You get superb BBC TV quality, a friendly attitude and a 100% Guarantee.  

From BIG (AFL Gold Coast Conference, Comicon, United Nations WHO Conference) to small (AMPLIFY), you can trust our proven track record. We 100% Guarantee you will get a technically excellent recording and outstanding marketing media. We record, Livestream and market all kinds of events: Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Speeches, Graduations, Theatre, Dance, Weddings and more. No event too big or small. You ask, we do.

  • Recording: One or Multiple cameras, mixed live. Your slides are mixed live or cut in later. Post production may be extensive or simple: your choice.
  •  Live Streaming: Use our private, secure hosting platform, OR stream to any public platform such as Facebook or YouTube. Option: Pay Per View through PayPal.
  • Duplication: You will receive a master file of each session for duplication PLUS you may request a USB set.
  • Marketing: We record your event and help you promote it. We have a proven success record and can help you attract excellent attendance at your next event.        LEARN MORE

Event Showreel

  • This 4 min video is a collection of various events we have filmed
  • From conferences and workshops to event marketing
  • From to stage events to live streaming
  • Most events are filmed with 2 or 3 cameras
  • Drones used where appropriate

We Are Podcast 2018

  • Social Media Promo of this International event.
  • We also live streamed this 2-day event.
  • During the live stream we mixed between the 2 cameras and the ppt slides.

World Health Organisation Conference (United Nations)

  • This 6 min video is the Highlights from this prestigious event
  • We filmed this event for 6 days at the Brisbane exhibition and Convention centre.W
  • We also did a Facebook Live stream each day
  • The client received all the unedited footage on a hard drive for archive purposes.

DDP Sports - Dennis Hogan

  • Dennis Hogan looks set for a title fight in 2019
  • This movie helped to promote the initial campaign which has led to a substantial boxing revival in Brisbane.

Logan Business Distinction Awards

  • We produced the Motion Graphic animations for all 26 categories
  • We also produced this Highlight Video
  • We supplied our Open Photobooth with an amazing selection of props

Click Digital Expo promo

  • This is the second year that Paramount has produced a video to promote the expo.
  • We interviewed the organiser and did lots of vox pops.

Positive Mindset promo

  • This 10 min Highlights of the Positive Mindset Creative Arts Festival.
  • This is the third time that paramount have filmed this event.
  • The festival continues to nurture and develop the capacity of the Metro South Health Region to recognise and respond to the mental heath needs and issues in young people.
  • We also produced credit card USB’s of the entire 2.5 hour concert.
  • These were given to schools in the region as a momento.

AIDS Conference

  • Aids Conference filmed at the Brisbane convention Centre.
  • In post we cut between the 2 cameras and edited in the powerpoint slides.
  • We used the picture–in–picture effect so you could see the slide while at the same time seeing the Presenter.
  • The four sections were compressed for online delivery.

Tough Mudder

  • We filmed the Queensland Launch of Tough Mudder.
  • A few critical shots were filmed in slow motion to add dramatic effect

Facebook Live Streaming

  • 1 of 5 examples of Facebook Live Streaming.
  • Each day of the WHO Conference we filmed a 15 live stream to Facebook.
  • We used 2 cameras, adding in supers.
  • At the start of the Stream we have a holding slide or video to notify viewers the stream is about to start.

Festival of Light - Brisbane City 2018

  • Social Media Promo of this multi-cultural event.