By strategically integrating video into your marketing initiatives, your mining company can seamlessly highlight its strengths, cultivate brand awareness, and forge meaningful connections with your target audience through visually captivating content. This strategic use of video is not only a powerful storytelling tool but also a key driver in propelling your business towards sustained growth.

Similarly, when strategically embedded in your training initiatives, video serves as a catalyst for enhancing training outcomes. By consistently delivering visual and engaging content, you strengthen the foundation of your training programs, promoting a safer and more efficient environment within your mining operations. This approach ensures that essential information is communicated effectively, contributing to the overall success and competency of your workforce.

All Packages include a 2-hour planning and strategy session, filming with a gimbal and drone, and subtitles on all videos.

Types of Videos:

Company Overview, Stakeholder Engagement Videos, Technology Videos, Case Study Videos, Environmental Responsibility Content, Recruitment and talent Acquisition Videos, Training Videos, 2D and 3D Animation to communicate complex processes or hard to film locations.

Mining Media Showreel

2D & 3D Mining Animation Promo

3D Animation for NRR

Benefits of Video Marketing

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An ideal choice for a basic company overview video - using the interviews as the voice over
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  • One Amazing Hero Video (60/120 secs) with 1 cutdown edit.
  • 4 hours Pre-Production with Professional TV Producer.
  • 4 hours Production with Cutting Edge Crew and Equipment.
  • Expert Drone and Gimbal Operator.
  • 1 day Post Production with genius Adobe Editor.
  • 1 set of changes to the rough cut. An excellent Fine Cut.

Mining Booster 2

Perfect for a high-end company overview video and a case study video
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  • Two Amazing Hero Videos (60/120 secs) with 4 cutdown edits.
  • 1 day concept development and scripting
  • 1/2 day Pre-Production with Professional TV Producer.
  • 1 day Production with Cutting Edge Crew and Equipment.
  • Expert Drone and Gimbal Operator.
  • 3 days Post Production with genius Adobe Editor.
  • Professional Voice Over Artist.
  • 2 set of changes to the rough cut. An excellent Fine Cut.

Mining Booster 3

Ideal for a marketing, case study and training overview videos.
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  • Three Amazing Hero Videos (60/120 secs) with 6 cutdown edits.
  • 2 days concept development and scripting
  • 1 day Pre-Production with Professional TV Producer.
  • 2 days Production with Cutting Edge Crew and Equipment.
  • Expert Drone and Gimbal Operator.
  • 5 days Post Production with genius Adobe Editor.
  • Professional Voice Over Artist
  • 3 set of changes to the rough cut. An excellent Fine Cut.

Bonus extras

  • Professional autocue on set
  • 2D animated logo opening and closing

Enhanced Communication/Storytelling

Videos serve as a powerful medium for storytelling, offering the opportunity to narrate the company’s journey, values, and achievements. This narrative approach has the potential to resonate emotionally with the audience, fostering a connection and contributing to the development of a positive brand image.

Building Trust and Credibility

Video offers a dynamic platform for presenting mining equipment, technologies, and services, showcasing their functionality and benefits. This visual approach significantly influences potential clients and customers in their decision-making process. Additionally, incorporating testimonials, case studies, and behind-the-scenes videos further enhances the building of credibility and trust among our audience.

Educational Content

Utilizing video, your company can effectively explain complex mining processes, showcase innovative technologies, and provide educational content related to the industry. This strategic use positions your company as an authority in the field, contributing to thought leadership and enhancing your industry influence.

Global Reach

Videos possess the capability to transcend geographical boundaries, enabling your company to connect with a global audience. This proves especially advantageous if your mining operations, products, or services hold international relevance.

Social Media Engagement

Video content possesses high shareability on social media platforms. Crafting shareable and informative videos can significantly extend your reach, motivating users to share your content within their networks and consequently boosting brand exposure.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Benefits

Video content plays a significant role in improving search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Search engines often prioritize video content, resulting in higher rankings in search results and increased online visibility for your mining company. Additionally, optimizing video titles, descriptions, and tags further enhances the company’s digital presence.

Training and Education

Video serves as an excellent tool for training new employees and delivering consistent education for existing staff. It proves effective in demonstrating equipment operation, safety procedures, and compliance requirements, ensuring efficient and thorough learning.


Additionally, the use of text animations and dramatic scenarios enhances the learning experience, often presented by lead trainers. Investing in high-quality, professionally produced training videos sets your company apart from competitors.

2D and 3D Animations

Animated videos are highly effective for illustrating safety protocols and procedures. The visualization of potential hazards, proper use of safety equipment, and emergency response actions through animation enhances comprehension and encourages the adoption of safer work practices.

In particular, 3D animation enables realistic simulations of mining scenarios. This includes simulating the movement of heavy equipment, geological formations, or emergency situations. These lifelike simulations aid employees in preparing for actual on-site experiences.

Community Relations

Videos play a pivotal role in communicating the positive impacts of mining operations on the local community. They can spotlight job creation, economic contributions, and environmental conservation efforts, fostering positive relationships with residents and local authorities.

Additionally, featuring stories of local employees in videos emphasizes job creation and career opportunities within the community. This not only promotes the economic benefits of mining but also underscores the company’s dedication to local employment.

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