Real Estate Videography, Photography & Drones

With over 9000 videos produced since 2000 for a leading Australian realtor, we are among the most experienced real estate videographers in Australia.
  1. Our team, who are TV Producers, are excellent at training your Agents to present well on camera and sell more effectively.
  2. Working collaboratively with you, we will create unique videos and media for your agency, giving you an important Point of Difference.
  3. Besides producing promotional videos we help you strategize brilliant social media and marketing campaigns.

buildtoday promotional video

  • The video was made to promote the quality of work from Privium Homes.
  • We used a gimbal and shot at 50p so we could slow motion the shots.
  • Filmed in 3 hours, edited in 12 hours.

Holman St Residential Property

  • The soundtrack drove the pace of editing
  • Change of colour grading used to create interest
  • Extensive use of drone shots to highlight the property position

Residential Property Bulimba

  • The agent appeared throughout the video and at the end on camera only
  • A celebratory mood was created by staging a party scene
  • Property features were highlighted by using close-ups
  • Split screen was used in editing to creat interest in the edit

Commercial Real Estate Promo

  • 1 min promotional video for
  • Filmed using a gimbal and drone
  • Title animations used to add a professional look and feel
  • Adhered to the clients brand guidelines

Property 3D Promo

  • Promotional video for 3D software program.
  • 2D title animations used to add a professional look and feel
  • Adhered to the clients brand guidelines

How Property 3D works

  • 2D animations were created to explain how the software works.
  • We recorded a professional voice-over and animated the graphics to the audio track.
  • We also created a 2D animation of the logo.
  • All fonts and colours reflected the brand identity.

Property Springwood

  • Residential sale for Image Property Management. Mid-range budget.
  • Brand guidelines adhered to and all client’s needs taken care of.
  • Professional voice-over recorded, no agent on camera
  • Slower pace during editing