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As a Brisbane-based Video, Animation and Motion Graphics Production company we’ll help you communicate more effectively in Sales & Marketing, Training & eLearning, Human Resources & Compliance, Events and Live-streaming. Paramount Video and Paramount Digital Media Studios are communication companies with exciting Creatives and Videographers who use Scriptwriting, Copywriting, Video Production, Animation and Motion Graphics to tell your stories. You get creative experts at the top of their game.

Ask us for A FREE audit of all your communication media, especially your website and brochures. We’ll show you how to use ongoing Video/Photo, copywriting and Content to Increase Sales, Ignite Marketing and Improve Training. Our Event recordings include all live events: Workshops, meetings, Conferences, Graduations, Theatre, Stage, Dance and Weddings.

From  Feature Film, 35mm TV Commercials and prime-time TV Magazine Production (1989- 2000) to Corporate, Community, Business, Health and Government videos ( 2000 to 2017) we’ve made about 220 TV items and about 9,400 Video productions. You can trust us to do what we say we will do – which is to give you a world class motion picture that will impact powerfully on your target audience. Beyond Video production, we give you a ONE STOP MEDIA SOLUTION with our exciting network of top Communication, Marketing and Training talent, from Web Design to SEO to Voice, Sales and Media training. This is your One-Stop Digital Media shop. Get just one (One-off) video or get ongoing campaigns.

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LOW COST WEB VIDEO Introductory Offer

Call and discuss your project. We’ll tailor-make a low-cost solution for you.

Do a RISK FREE 30-90 sec Web Video at almost no cost

Take baby steps. Get expert coaching. Make a short but powerful web video for your homepage that includes your elevator speech. Attach video to all your eMails. Go on to make a Corporate Video if you wish.


Ask about our risk-free WEB VIDEO SPECIAL OFFER!


Your company is invited to a DISCOVERY WORKSHOP with some of Brisbane’s leading Video, VR and New Media experts. FREE, HANDS ON. Learn how YOU will use video and digital media to grow and prosper in the New Digital Age.

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TV, Web Video, Animation Production

You get BBC TV quality delivered by a friendly, fun network of very experienced experts who are passionate about giving you incredible value for money, awesome production values and a happy ending.


World class talent gives you amazing outcomes


Exceptional videos and photos, top aerial artists.

Your Digital Media Solution

Just one point of contact, one account executive, all your media needs taken care of: video, website design, photos, copywriting, content creation.

Event Recording, Live Streaming

Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Meetings. Domestic: Graduations, Theatre, Dance, Weddings.

FREE Discovery Workshop: Succeed in the New Digital Age

Discover how YOU and your company can use Digital Media to Survive and PROSPER in the New Digital Age. Grow personally, become a better communicator.

Our Portfolio

Future of TV

Sales, Marketing & Social Media

From high-end TV Commercials to web videos, we are masters of style and can make any type of film, video, animation, graphic, VR or Augmented Reality message – aimed at your specific audience.

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photography film production

eLearning, Training, Education, HR

With 4-year university degrees at globally recognised institutions, we have the analytic skills to fully comprehend your educational need, your target and your message.

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Event Recording, Live Streaming

Professional Livestreaming and Event recording: Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Presentations, Music, Dance, Graduations, Theatre. From major sports and government conferences to smaller events, we do it all – no event too big or too small.

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paramountvideo health

Health, Medical & Surgical

We’ve enjoyed a sustained and successful history of producing video for all sectors of Queensland Universities and for Federal and State Governments.

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Our productions are legendary for capturing the rhythm and spirit of the dance, ensuring audiences experience a sense of being in the theatre!

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Cinematic or documentary style, we love filming your special occasion and go to extra efforts to make a memory you will treasure your entire life!

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Do You have a Video Production/Animation project in mind?
Get friendly FREE ADVICE & Quotes NOW from BBC TV-trained Producers!

Claire Brazil


Producer, Co-owner Paramount Video

Claire and Trev are Producers at the centre of a network. Claire has an Honours degree in Film & TV Production from Wits University, Johannesburg. Thirteen years TV experience ensued in the huge, 3000-person, SABC TV – set up by the BBC. She worked on a Dramatic Comedy series, women’s Magazine shows, Arts programmes and Children’s Educational TV, graduating to be a Multi-camera Studio Director in 1994. Since 2000 she has been a Director/Producer in Brisbane’s Paramount Video Productions. An emerging Drama director, a good interviewer, Claire is one of Brisbane’s foremost TV & Corporate Video Producers.

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Our Team

Our Process

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First Contact with You

We listen carefully, hear and understand your needs fully, audit your media, suggest creative strategies, form a wining team

Discussion & Planning

Good collaboration, a TV production skill, leads to good solutions and a powerful script
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Every last detail is carefully prepared. Check and check again.


With BBC-TV methods, values and techniques we give you a truly outstanding video or animation. BONUS: complementary FREE photos for brochures, website or social media.

Measure and Improve

Good Video data is easy to obtain. Measure and adjust your campaign.

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