Increase Sales, Improve Training, Record Events with BBC-Quality Video Production, Animation & Photos

Our goal is to help YOU engage powerfully and memorably, with your target market or audience. As a Brisbane-based Business and Corporate Video Production company, active in web video production, our friendly writers, videographers, directors, editors and producers will collaborate with you to make a great team. Together, you and Paramount Digital Media Studios will innovate excellent, best-practise solutions to your communication needs.  Be a Star! Become a Digital Media Marketing, Training, eLearning, Drone, VR and Augmented Reality expert. Welcome aboard!

Broadcast Quality

TV Professionals use Sony Broadcast Cameras, drones, gimbals, sliders and more.

Innovative Solutions

Thorough media audits lead to compelling scripts

Free Consultations

Chat now with an experienced TV Producer, visit our Springwood studio. Get FREE advice and an instant quote.

Experienced Team

Since 1989, over 9,500 TV and Video productions. Technical Excellence 100% Guaranteed.

What do we do for you?

With 25 years experience in Theatre, Film, TV and Video production our friendly team is ranked among the most experienced in Australia. We  give you creative solutions used for Sales, Marketing, eLearning, Training and Events. Relax – you do what you do best, let us take the burden of Digital Media Communications from your shoulders. We give you: (1) simply AWESOME Video/ Animation/Motion Graphics production or (2) ongoing strategies and plans to grow your company via a 12-month Digital Media Marketing, eLearning and Events/Live-streaming plan. Combine Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and more with an advanced video production strategy. Increase Sales. Improve eLearning. Ignite Events.

Hey! Become a digital media champion! Succeed in the New Digital Age! Ask about our FREE DISCOVERY WORKSHOPS!

Educate yourself. Educate your company. Learn how to use cutting-edge digital media to grow and prosper in the New Digital Age. Journey into 21st Century Video, Web TV, Mobile (cell-phone) videography, VR, Augmented Reality, eLearning, Drones, Live-streaming and much, much more! Welcome aboard.

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Why choose us?

Our Creativity, Experience, Knowledge = Your Success

Our skill is to take your message and craft it memorably toward your target market using BBC TV and David Ogilvy techniques.

Quality Guaranteed

From script to screen we follow a traditional BBC TV approach which ensures you get the film you want. You get the guide How To Work With Paramount Video, a 7-step process to a happy final product. This guide, combined with an expert crew working with state-of-the art Sony, Panasonic, Apple and Adobe gear, ensures you get a 100% Quality Guaranteed film.

Value For Money

With over 25 years experience, you get amazing value for money. Our Video and Animation communications increases your Sales, improves your Training and livestreams/records your events. Our one-stop Total Digital Media Solution increases your profits.


You and YOUR company are invited to get educated by Brisbane’s leading Video Production, VR and Augmented Reality entities. FREE PRACTICAL HANDS ON WORKSHOP. Learn how YOU will use video-based digital media to grow, succeed and prosper abundantly in the New Digital Age.

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Our Services

TV, Video, Animation, Motion Graphics Production

You get prime-time TV quality delivered by a friendly, fun (sometimes wacky) network of Creatives who are passionate about giving you incredible value for money, awesome production values and a happy ending.


We hear and understand your communication need, develop this into a script together with you, provide a rough animation plan, then proceed to give you  brilliant animation. (Learn more)


Amazing 4K drone videography and photography with exceptional aerial artists.

Scriptwriting for Corporate, Business, Community, University and Government clients

We collaborate well with you to form a team that takes an acorn and turns it into a mighty oak. See “7 Steps to a Great Video Production”.

Event Recording & Live Streaming

Corporate: Conferences, seminars, workshops. Domestic: Graduations, Theatre, Dance, Weddings, Coming-of-Age rituals.

Discovery Workshop: How to Use Video well in the New Digital Age

 Discover how YOU wil use Digital Media to Survive and Prosper in the New Digital Age. Grow personally in your career, business and community. Grow your world. Ask us all about it, learn all about it, produce a video during the workshop. 

Our Portfolio

morlife cu

Sales, Marketing & Social Media

From high-end TV Commercials to web videos, we are masters of style and can make any type of film, video, animation, graphic, VR or Augmented Reality message – aimed at your specific audience.

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green screen kylie

eLearning, Training, Education, HR

With 4-year university degrees at globally recognised institutions, we have the analytic skills to fully comprehend your educational need, your target and your message.

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Event Recording, Live Streaming

Professional Livestreaming and Event recording: Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Presentations, Music, Dance, Graduations, Theatre. From major sports and government conferences to smaller events, we do it all – no event too big or too small.

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paramountvideo homepage health and medical2

Health, Medical & Surgical

We’ve enjoyed a sustained and successful history of producing video for all sectors of Queensland Universities and for Federal and State Governments.

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Our productions are legendary for capturing the rhythm and spirit of the dance, ensuring audiences experience a sense of being in the theatre!

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bigstock Caribbean Beach Wedding   Cele 1001262


Cinematic or documentary style, we love filming your special occasion and go to extra efforts to make a memory you will treasure your entire life!

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You have a video/animation project that needs doing?

Claire Brazil


Producer, Co-owner Paramount Video

Claire has an Honours degree in Film & TV Production from Witwatersrand University, Johannesburg. Her 13 years TV experience was in the huge, 3000-person, SABC TV, set up by the BBC. She worked on a Dramatic Comedy series, women’s Magazine shows, Arts programmes and Children’s Educational TV, graduating to be a Multi-camera Studio Director in 1994. Since 2000 she has been a Director/Producer in Brisbane’s Paramount Video Productions; an emerging Drama director; an expert interviewer and one of Brisbane’s foremost female Corporate and Business Video Director/ Producers.

0401 740 261

Our Team

Our Process

  • 1.

  • 2.

First Contact

We hear and understand your needs, audit your existing media, suggest creative video ideas and digital media strategies; together with you we brainstorm solutions and form a team

Discussion & Planning

Pre-Production: from your rough idea we produce scripts which are reworked by you and us. Good collaboration and 20 years experience leads to a powerful script.
  • 3.

  • 4.

  • 5.

Final Strategy

Depending on what package you have chosen we plan just one amazing video, or a 12-month Digital Media Marketing strategy, or eLearning proposal.


With BBC-TV methods, values and techniques we give you a truly outstanding video production with complementary FREE photos for brochures, website or social media. You attend the shoot and have final say on the “look” of your corporate image. This is a fun, creative, exciting time.


Post Production leads to a Fine Cut placed on your website, used to sell your product face-to-face, or used in an eLearning context. Videos may be monitored, measured and re-cut if you wish. All along YOU have been in the drivers seat. Our BBC TV process ensures YOU get the exact film YOU want and need.

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