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Increase Sales With Ongoing Digital Media Campaigns Across All Platforms

Storytelling is the number one trend in video marketing.  What is your business story? What is your customer’s experience? What new products? Innovations? People news?

There are plenty of stories your business can tell to enhance customer, stakeholder and community engagement. We can help you discover your stories and communicate them.

With 15 years telling prime-time TV stories (5-minute Magazine segments & Documentaries) and 19 years telling Corporate Video stories, we have the scriptwriting expertise to help you prosper and grow.

Combining TV Journalism skills with BBC TV production values, we can help you innovate fresh, interesting ideas that keep your audiences entertained, educated and engaged.

Just one video for all platforms: Websites, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. Our ongoing Video Marketing Solution will keep all your audiences connected to your business story.

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We produce all genres, all styles, incorporating your brand guidelines:

  • Corporate Videos for website homepage – All kinds of web videos – Social Media content – Case study/Testimonial videos
  • Product Videos – Product improvements and updates – New models and features – How to use the product
  • Customer events – Company News – Message from CEO – Competitions – Promotions

Moo Moo Wine Bar & Grill

  • Paramount was commissioned to produce a video for their website with very little time to film
  • We carried the look and feel of the venue into the video, making the food and wine seem delicious
  • The owner and host invites you, into his domain, extending courtesy and promise to you.
  • This works well as a marketing technique
  • The video is successful, attracting new patrons to the restaurant.


1.  A 1- 2-minute GREEN SCREEN EXPERIENCE. Make a powerful video for your homepage. This can be an Elevator pitch, Explainer Video, Product news, Testimonial – whatever. Normally $750, $1450 and $2000 per completed web video. SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER: *$450, $950, $1500 per completed web video.  (* $450 when done in groups of 5 people or more). Ask friendly Producer Claire for more information. FREE CALL 1300 656 269. 

2. VIDEO & DIGITAL MEDIA DISCOVERY WORKSHOPS. You and your company are welcome to attend our VIDEO AND DIGITAL MEDIA DISCOVERY workshops where you learn how to use video more effectively to grow your company. This hand-on presentation by experts in TV and Video Production will give you: 

  • Practical Video Production skills to increase sales, improve marketing or improve Training. You learn by making a video – script, film, edit.
  •  Essential information about current trends in Video, VR, Augmented Reality, new media.
  • Skills: How To Write a Digital Media Marketing or Training, Strategy and Plan. How to implement it with video, photos and content.

World Health Organisation

  • 5 day International event at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre
  • We produced a Highlight Video of the Conference and a Highlight Video of the Social Events
  • We produced a bonus FREE Highlight video that showed at the closing ceremony of the Conference
  • Each day we produced a 15-minute Facebook LiveStream event. We mixed it as a TV Broadcast – 2 cameras, plus title superimpositions.

Three 15 sec Cinema Ads

  • The Clients: 2Ezy Scooters, Billzy & Trust Automative
  • These Ads were produced using stock images, animation and stills.
  • The budgets were tight.
  • The voice overs were recorded by a professional voice over artist.


  • 2D Animation created to notify clients about WT Partnerships office relocation in Sydney and remind clients about their service offering.
  • Before starting the animation we created a detailed storyboard.
  • We then recorded the voice over so that the animation could be correctly timed.

Sports Awards Promos

  • The brief was to produce 6 x  60 sec promos for St Aiden’s Sports Award Evening
  • The athletes competed in a variety of sports, including Hockey, Netball, Volleyball and Tennis.
  • We only had 1/2 hour with each athlete to do an interview and shoot visual overlay.

Christie Spaces Promo

  • Filmed during the We are Podcast conference.
  • The video was made for social media.
  • We used the conference as visual overlay.


  • Morlife commissioned Paramount to produce a series of 5 videos (25 mins) to promote their flagship product, Alkalising Greens.
  • Using professional presenters, state-of-the-art 4K cameras, captivating animation this high-end production exceeded the clients expectations.
  • Check out Warren’s testimonial on our testimonial page!

TJM & Planet Ark Power

  • We included drone footage is the creation of this 37 sec promo for Planet Ark Power.
  • The video was made for social media and email distribution.
  • Paramount also produced a longer version for the TJM Franchise Owners.

Appleton Estate promo

  • Campari Australia commissioned a social media movie about their legendary Jamaican Rum brand.
  • Brand guidelines required we reflect the colours, rhythm and flavour of the brand.
  • We did this by floating the camera through a boozy, happy, dancing crowd beside a marina enjoying the afternoon sun.
  • Editing took several editions (Rough Cuts), with various reggae songs, before the client recognised a song that reflected the brand. They loved the Fine Cut.

Titan Energy Services

  • We were only supplied with stills from client.
  • We created this promo using title animations and motion graphics
  • We used 2D animation to animate the logo
  • We adhered to the brand guidelines

Redflow Energy - Advanced Energy Storage

  • Redflow is a battery company evolving solutions to renewable energy.
  • They needed a quickly-made marketing tool for a conference.
  • The script was critical. Once in place, good images had to be sourced that were sophisticated but inexpensive.
  • The result was an impressive tool at a low cost.

Property Council of Australia

  • For 12 months we were the preferred supply for the Property Council of Australia
  • We produced 3 videos each month for social media.
  • The turn around time was very tight – 2 days
  • We worked very closely with the client to ensure the integrity of the brand.

Crowd funding promo

  • The brief was to create a few professional videos for the Tekkocam crowd funding page.
  • We used title animation and animation effects to create the illusion that the product was working and had already been created.
  • The client played the acting parts, lots of fun on set!

Testimonial video

  • We are starting to build the YouTube channel for Ready Movers.
  • This video will also be used on the clients email signature to help convert enquiries.
  • Instead of just filming a talking head we tried to tell a story.

Testimonial video

  • We filmed a series of testimonials for Bartercard while at a Small Business Expo
  • The client asked the questions. These were edited in as text in post production.
  • Using our hand held mic made the process quick and simple we did about 8 in 2 hours.

The Revolution Boxer Promo

  • The purpose to promote a boxing match – The Revolution – on social media.
  • Slow motion and black and white used to create visual interest.
  • The Sony Fs7 camera can shoot in 180 FPS getting incredible, seamless slow motion
  • From a one day shoot were produced 6 x 3 mins videos. One on each boxer!