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3D & 2D Animation Jobs Brisbane

Step into our animation studio! Have a conversation with a BBC TV-trained producer and achieve amazing messaging for your company. Our expert animators are masters at merging complex concepts into polished, professional visuals. Work with us and witness our awesome ability to deliver the right message to your target market, audience or students. Learn more about the most effective animation Brisbane has to offer:


  1. Our team of designers creates amazing 2D and 3D animated videos which are effective at delivering your message.
  2. We assist with script writing, development and creation.
  3. We refer to your brand guidelines when storyboarding the visuals.
  4. We supply you with a list of professional voice-over artists. Once you have selected the artist that best represents your brand, we record the voice-over.
  5. We then select the music and create an animated video to the voice-over.
  6. Most videos go through a slight review process before exporting and uploading.

3D Animation for Nathan River Resources

  • We referenced photos of real machines and built 3D models using software called Blender.
  • All models were rigged and environments built in Blender.
  • We created particles systems for the ore and applied physics simulations to have them react with the conveyor belts, front end loaders & rock piles.
  • A simple colour palette was created, to tie the shots together & light the scene.
  • The final renders were taken into After Effects for colour grade, lens flares & text effects.
  • This job took 2 animators, 2 months to complete.

3D, 2D and Motion Graphics Showreel

Examples from many of our productions of:

  • 3D animations
  • 2D animations
  • Motion Graphics
  • Title Animations
  • These animations add a lot of production value to any project and move it from being ordinary to extraordinary

Transport Seating 3D Animation

  • Using 3D Max we created this 3D animation
  • We used the CAD drawing as a reference for the technical specs
  • We worked closely with the client to evolve the script and storyboard
  • We animated to a professional voice over recording

Property 3D video and 2D animation

  • We produced 3 marketing videos for Property 3D
  • We worked closely with the client to evolve the script and storyboard
  • We animated to a professional voice over recording
  • We based the colours and stylistic elements on the company’s brand guidelines

Perios Australia

  • We produced 3 marketing videos for Perios Australia
  • the client provided a detailed script using a template we provided
  • We based the colours and stylistic elements on the company’s brand guidelines
  • We used stock video imagery and animated stills


  • We were supplied with a basic power point presentation by the client
  • We had to come up with a creative way of delivering the content
  • We supplied the client with various concept solutions
  • Once approved we created 3 versions all targeting different markets
  • We also edited down the 6 min versions to 30 sec and 60 secs for social media and TV

WT Partnerships

  • 2D Animation created to notify clients about WT Partnerships office relocation in Sydney and remind clients about their service offering.
  • Before starting the animation we created a detailed storyboard.
  • We then recorded the voice-over so that the animation could be correctly timed.

Why Choose Our Expert 3D Animators?

Our in-house animation team can add visual effects with flair and polish to fit any company or target audience. We have worked with countless clients to help animate their corporate training videos, educational videos or social media campaigns. We are the best animation studio for flexibility, versatility and execution.

Versatile 3D Animator

Across both small and large projects, one of Paramount Video’s core skills is our versatility, drawing on an expansive knowledge of film, television, advertising and informational videos to create high-quality visual content. To the same end, our animation expertise extends from 2D graphics to realistic 3D animations of people, places and inanimate objects. From explainer videos to character animation, allow us to breathe life into your new training, social media or corporate videos through the power of animation.

If you’re in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast, step into the world of videography and pay us a visit at our studio in Eight Mile Plains. We can walk you through the process of how we create animated content, from our first concept drawings up until the finished product. And we are flexible to your needs, too. Regardless of whether you want full control over the design process or are happy to let our collective imagination run free, the choice is yours.