Healthcare Photography & Medical Video Production

PVP exceeds your expectations with BBC TV-quality video, photos and animations for the health, wellbeing and medical sectors. We help you create memorable training media in your healthcare facilities. Our two decades of surgery video production combined with our experience in every sector of the health and medical industry, leads to superior training and marketing video production for you. We can help you earn, or save, hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Ask us how?

With university degrees in communication, 10 years training at BBC and SABC TV with experience in prime-time TV production, and 20 years experience in Educational and Training Video production, you get medical industry media that works for you.

We understand your unique challenges within health and medical video production. We give you outstanding value for money, with added value via our digital media agency: Red Car Creative. Our medical procedure video productions are well-known plus we produce marketing material for new products or technology.

As one of Brisbane’s leading health and medical video production companies, we will collaborate successfully with you to achieve outstanding results, 100 % guaranteed. Your message will memorably lodge in your audience’s brain and remain there for 3-5 years, when you update. Whether you need a single healthcare photographer or videographer, or our professional production crew to create your media, Paramount can deliver, ensuring your content achieves the outcome you desire.

Healthcare Video Production Company

Let us show your target market the benefit of your healthcare services with a professional, polished and memorable health video production. Regardless of whether you’re educating viewers on medical practices or promoting a new product, we know how to produce compelling videos that speak to your target audience and realise your unique vision. Our team understands that medical environments have unique challenges and requirements for filming and producing videos. If we’re in the lab, the operating theatre or any other medical facilities, Paramount Video Productions takes great care in following all procedures and protocols to keep participants safe.

Our healthcare services include:

  • Health, Wellbeing, Medical and Surgery video and photos
  • Educational video content for State and Federal government, universities, schools, companies and RTO’s
  • Medical information videos
  • Medical product marketing and promotion
  • Ask us how you too can benefit!

Digital Media: Health, Wellbeing, Surgery & Medical Device Marketing

PVP has years worth of experience helping the healthcare industry produce and market content for health, wellbeing, surgery and medical devices. We have filmed many operations for Smith and Nephew to help market their medical equipment. We have also produced marketing videos for device companies such as Johnson and Johnson, Covidien and Perios, demonstrating our deep understanding of industry trends and conventions.


Collaborate With A Healthcare Video Production Company

Collaborating closely, we’ll first create an excellent script for your new medical production. Producer Claire has a keen eye for detail, and will ensure the entire video production process goes smoothly from pre-production onwards, running on-time, on-budget, with no blowouts or dramas! That means smooth sailing across all your healthcare videos!

You’ll have fun producing medical training and marketing videos with Paramount, and then you’ll get to make two sets of changes to the edit. Finally – Voila! Your company loves you! You have exceeded expectations on a modest budget ! Your training tool works – oh, what a feeling!
Whether you need a healthcare photography shoot, online videos or to create images for an upcoming campaign, Paramount Video Productions are the experts in bringing your content to life. We’re a flexible, dedicated and experienced team of practitioners, passionate about happy client outcomes, and most importantly, excellent videography work.

You get a 100% Technical Excellence Guarantee that PVP’s digital media and videography will be BBC TV-quality – and will work for you. We will tailor-make a bespoke, unique communication tool that will achieve and possibly exceed your expectations, giving you incredible value for money, and added value. Be happy – our media can change your life. Talk to friendly filmmakers Claire and Trev about amazing video, photos and animation production – rise to a higher level.

Healthcare Photographers & Videographers: Discover Our Work Below

Tranquility Dentistry

  • Tranquility Dentistry asked us to produce this video for their website.
  • The client wanted to showcase their state of the art practise which uses the newest technology ensuring their client’s treatment is of the highest quality.
  • Due to the through planning with the client, we managed to get all the shots done in a short space of time.
  • We animated their logo and also produced a cut for Instagram.

I-MED Radiology

  • We produced 8 MRI Educational videos for I-MED Radiology
  • The other videos produced highlighted MRI for Shoulder, Brain, Bowel, Foot, Knee, Cervical Spine and Lower Spine
  • We based the colours and stylistic elements on the company’s brand guidelines
  • We used stock video imagery and animated stills
  • All videos were supplied with and without closed captions

Perios Australia

  • We produced 3 marketing videos for Perios Australia
  • The client provided a detailed script using a template we provided
  • We based the colours and stylistic elements on the company’s brand guidelines
  • We used stock video imagery and animated stills

Promotional Video for a Surgeon

  • Dr. Ahmad Ali is a urological surgeon with a particular interest in prostate cancer, laparoscopic urological surgery, benign prostate surgery, urinary incontinence and complicated renal stone surgery.
  • We produced a video for his showroom in order to inform patients, who are waiting, more about Dr. Ali’s services
  • We also produced a second video explaining what a Urologist does.
  • Both videos were made into a loop for the waiting room.

Health Showreel

  • Examples of some of the techniques we have used in producing health films
  • Dramatic Scenarios – we cast and directed the actors
  • Filming clinician interviews and lived experience interviews
  • Presentations using powerpoint slides

Testimonial - Healthcare Interactive Project

  • Dr Theresa Scott from the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work at The University of Queensland and Bernice Chong, Psychologist and Case Manager at Blue Care speak about their experience of working with Paramount Video Production on this 6-month project.
  • The project involved collaborating with Healthcare Interactive – a company based in New York that does online training for counsellors.
  • The project was challenging in that Paramount had a very small space in which to work.
  • Each participant had a lapel mic and we mixed the audio live. At times we also had to record a Skype conversation.

Testimonial - Dementia Project

  • Felicity Baker, Associate Professor, School of Music, The University of Queensland, speaks the role video played in assisting her to communicate her academic research.
  • She also speaks about her working relationship with Paramount Video.

Meaningful Musical Moments: School of Music UQ University

  • We produced a 35 minute video about how music can benefit people with Dementia.
  • A panel discussion and scenarios were used to illustrate the methodology.

Communication Strategies in Dementia: UQ University

  • Three Min Introduction to a 38  min YouTube Video about  Communication Strategies in Dementia.
  • We produced a series for Care Staff and one for Home Carers.
  • The series was produced with and without subtitles.See the full 100 mins on UQ’s YouTube Channel.

Memory Strategies in Dementia: UQ University

  • Three Min Introduction to a 22 min YouTube Video about Memory Strategies in Dementia.
  • We produced a series for Care Staff and one for Home Carers. Actors were used throughout.
  • See the full 100 mins on UQ’s YouTube Channel.

Identity After Acquired Brain Injury

  • ABIOS of Queensland Health commissioned us to produce five 10 to 18 minute stories about Identity After Brain Injury.
  • This video is an extract from two stories.
  • This documentary series helps students and carers understand the effects of brain injury on personality.
  • A separate three part series was produced for Health Professionals. Judith Nance of ABIOS researched and scripted the project.

AusSun Research Lab, Queensland University of Technology

  • A 24 minute DVD produced to make people aware of the dangers of sun and skin cancer.
  • AusSun conducts research in ultraviolet (UV) radiation and its subsequent health effects on Australians.

Open Heart Surgery

  • Filming open-heart surgery with some of the world’s most distinguished cardiac surgeons.
  • We have filmed many operations, knee. shoulder and now heart…not for the faint hearted!