Training Video Production Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

We are the trusted name in Online VideoTraining Production in Brisbane, Queensland and  Australia.

Video production for online Training, eLearning and education… we’ve been producing  excellent video training in Brisbane since the year 2000. We design a custom solution to your training needs and work with you to ensure a high level of knowledge retention. Our super-experienced team includes an educator which ensures your dollar is well spent, plus we include cutting-edge methods from UQ.  Don’t use any old video production company to do training for you because they may film well, but if they lack educational methods and knowledge your students wont get it. Your training wil fail.    

Since 2000, we’ve produced every type of Training and eLearning: Surgical and Surgery Videos for Johnson and Johnson, Safety & Health, Induction and Onboarding videos. Due to our 20 years in Video Production in Brisbane, Queensland, we’ve produced a heap of training media for both Queensland and NSW state governments, the Federal government, companies as big as Downer,  and for booming businesses like Tatoo Removal. So we understand your industry. We will make a team that  leads to better skills and improved productivity for your company. All based on 20 years experience PLUS cutting edge research at leading universities. Besides video we use multimedia: video, animation, photos, motion graphics, text.

We work with companies just like yours, big and small: VALE, the United Nations, the Federal Government, Queensland Health, Queensland Police, NSW Health. Private companies such as global giant Pratt and Whitney trust Paramount Video Productions. From concept to screen, from drama to documantaries… we do it all for you.

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Lumascape Product Demo

  • Filmed in our studio using a green screen
  • We produced 3 videos for Lumascape, showcasing their new product range
  • As the shots of the products and the effects of the lights in action were crucial,  we spent time doing test shots before the shoot

Training, Compliance and eLearning Showreel

  • A 4 min selection of various projects
  • “How To” training content for Pratt & Whitney Canada
  • Induction videos for Pinata farms and Vale Mining
  • Compliance videos using dramatic scenarios
  • Recordings of conferences, seminars and workshops – using 2 cameras and editing in the ppt slides
  • eLearning content filmed on a green screen

Downer Group: Induction Videos

  • Downer Group is an integrated services company that designs, builds and sustains assets, infrastructure and facilities for customers in Australia and New Zealand.
  • The 3 videos were produced for a new Induction programme
  • We made 3 stories: The Day In The Life of a Meter Reader, a Plumber and a Dis-Connector
  • We also produced welcome videos of the CEO  and Safety Manager
  • We developed the engaging scripts from the clients technical notes

Pinata Farms Pineapple Picking Induction

  • Filmed in one hour on location on the Sunshine Coast
  • A staff member presented video, adding engagement, authenticity
  • Text on screen was added to enhance recall and learning
  • This video will be supplied on a USB to all new pineapple pickers so they can keep reviewing the content

eLearning Digital Content

  • Together with the client we developed videos for the Performance Advisory Group eLearning platform
  • The videos were filmed in our green screen studio
  • The role play videos were filmed with 3 cameras. No need to repeat actions
  • We produced about 40 videos for 5 different modules. All shot in 3.5 days !!!
  • We applied compression to the videos so file sizes were good for the Learning Management System. Quality wasn’t compromised

Radfords Software - SEEKA Case Study

  • Radfords, a NZ based software company commissioned a video to promote their FRESHPACK MULTI SOLUTION
  • The brief was to show the software using SEEKA as the case study
  • Shot in Victoria, 8 hrs, various locations
  • We adhered closely to the brand guidelines

Vale - Occupational Hygiene Video

  • This 24 minute Occupational Health and Hygiene video was made for Vale. It helped stop black lung disease
  • The video educated the workforce on health hazards in the workplace and how to remain healthy
  • We filmed on two mines in Queensland. Going underground was scary and amazing fun!
  • Titles and other components were animated according to the brand guidelines
  • This video is an 18 minute edited version from the original. Enjoy

Valer - Career Path Video

  • Made for Valer, the Training arm of Vale
  • The video encourages recruitment, showing a career path
  • We designed the 2D Animation

Online Training Series: How to paint with oil

  • Use this time of pandemic to pivot your business.
  • Get a recurring income worldwide 24/7 by producing video content for online training
  • We filmed 8 x 1 hr sessions 4 days for Marcel Desbiens
  • We used 3 cameras to record 3 angles simultaneously
  • We also produced this promo to promote the online series

How To Detect Meth Contamination

  • Made for MTK Training
  • This video trains Real Estate Agents and Property Managers on how to identify properties that may have been used as a clandestine Meth lab
  • Paramount made a 59 sec version for Instagram