Training, eLearning, Compliance, Human Resources

From prestigious Health films now in the Smithsonian Institute, to Induction, Health and Safety, Onboarding, Compliance, Human Resources (and more) for Industry, Construction, Mining, Manufacturing, Civil Engineering, the Retail Sector – we do it all.

We help you communicate more effectively, making learning more memorable. Statistics show Paramount’s video productions, used in a Blended Learning context, helps your trainees remember more over time – thus becoming more productive and earning more revenue. You get best value for money – your dollar investment leads to greatly improved productivity, Health and Safety.


eLearning digital content

  • Together with the client we developed videos for the Performance Advisory Group eLearning platform.
  • All the on-camera videos were filmed in our green screen studio.
  • All the role play videos were filmed with 3 cameras so that we didn’t need to repeat the action.
  • We produced about 40 videos for 5 different modules. All shot in 3.5 days!
  • We were able apply a lot of compression to the videos so the file sizes were small enough for the LMS (Learning Management System) but the quality wasn’t compromised.

Instructional video

  • This video was produced for ABSCO Sheds.
  • The brief was to show clients a step-by-step process on how to erect a shed.
  • We needed to adhere closely to the brand guidelines

Occupational hygiene

  • This 24 minute Occupational Health and Hygiene video was made for Vale (second biggest mining company in the world).
  • This video was produced to educate the workforce on the various health hazards in the workplace and how best to deal with them.
  • We filmed on two mines in Queensland, going underground was amazing fun!
  • The titles and other components were animated using the brand guidelines as a guide. This video is a 2 min edited version from the original.

Career path video

  • Made for Valer, the Training arm of Vale (second biggest mining company in the world)
  • This video encourages recruitment, showing a career path.
  • Paramount was given existing material and we designed the 2D Animation.