List of health videos

We have produced a wide range of films for the health industry. From casting actors for dramatic scenarios to filming panel discussions with health professionals to filming lived experience interviews. No matter how big or small the budget, our team crafts compelling videos for clients from the government to the private sector.

Major Health Projects for Federal, State Governments and QUT & UQ Universities

Federal Government – Exercise Cumpston:e filmed a training exercise at airport, clinics and emergency community shelters. Purpose: to train State Health Departments in dealing with a SARS pandemic.

Client: Neil Branch, Office of Health Protection, Canberra

QUT – School of Nursing

“QUT’s Faculty of Health worked with Paramount Video on two projects in 2006: The Working With Older people website and the Multidisciplinary website. These are both interactive teaching websites. The former is a large national website that will be accessed by nurses and nursing students across the country. Paramount Video is an extremely professional company and they provide efficient, reliable, cost-effective, flexible, and friendly service.

The extensive experience of the Paramount team is apparent in every phase of the production, from planning to editing. We were very happy with the product, beautifully filmed and directed videos which accurately conveyed the messages we were trying to get across to our audience. Paramount took the time to ensure that they produced exactly what we needed and nothing was too much trouble.”

Client: Dr Sandy Sacre, Project Manager, Faculty of Health, QUT

QLD Health – ICF (The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health)

A 50 min DVD – three case studies (one person with spinal cord injury, one with brain stem injury and one with osteoarthritis and multiple joint replacements). The DVD illustrates how the principles of the ICF (World Health Organisation) are applied.

Client: Community Rehabilitation Workforce Project, contact person Judith Nance (Project Officer)

QLD Health – ABIOS (Acquired Brain Injury Outreach Service)

We have produced five case studies – three with indigenous people. These DVD’s were produced to assist people with brain injury in Queensland, their families and carers to achieve an improved quality of life and community integration through increased independence, choice, opportunity and access to appropriate and responsive services.

Client: Susan Gauld and Sharon Smith, ABIOS, Queensland Health

QUT – School of Nursing

Various Case studies, including a farmer, with a spinal cord injury. How these patients build a new life helped by multidisciplinary teams using the MAGPIE framework. Purpose: student nurses learn from text books and lectures – these films take them out the lecture room into the real world.

“When we started making the DVD we had no experience or understanding of the process but working with such an experienced team made it all a lot easier. Once the DVD was completed we asked students to comment on the utility of the DVD and their feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The DVD worked well for its intended purpose which was to illuminate the core skills, values and knowledge associated with nursing in the community context. The DVD also appeared to be a beneficial learning and teaching tool across a broad cohort of student”.

Client: Dr Charlotte Seib RN MN PhD Lecturer School of Nursing, QUT

QUT – IBHI: PEPA (Program of Experience in the Palliative Approach)

Promotional DVD to encourage health workers to train with PEPA and learn about Palliative Care.

“Now that the PEPA Promotional DVD has been finalised and put into circulation, I wanted to say a huge thank you to Paramount for all your efforts. You have been a pleasure to work with and we are absolutely delighted with the final DVD. You have at all times worked professionally and demonstrated commitment to producing a high quality product. I would be happy to recommend you to colleagues. Thank you on behalf of all the PEPA team.”
Natasha Myers – PEPA National Coordinator.

Client: Dr Patsy Yates , Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, QUT

QUT- School of Nursing : How to Recover from a Heart Attack and take preventative actions to stop further attacks – for diabetes patients

Three fifteen minute dramatized stories – a senior male and female, a senior Aboriginal woman. The idea is that viewers will identify with a character and change their lifestyle. The key is to give patients a simple plan and encourage them to use it by showing “real people” who have refocused their lifestyle.

This DVD has the potential to alter the risk of heart attacks by thousands of diabetes patients, saving their lives and saving the State countless dollars in medical expenses.

Client: Department of Nursing, QUT

QUT – School of Psychology – Training DVD’s

We produced 10 hours of material for QUT Psychology Honors Students. Each DVD illustrated a different therapy technique. All sessions were filmed with 2 cameras.

“We received a grant to make a series of DVD’s to address the learning needs of clinical psychology students. The professionalism of Paramount Video Production began with their insistence that we think first of the learning outcomes we wanted to achieve. From that point onwards, it was a learning experience for all of us, facilitated by two creative and insightful “producers”. Thank you for an outstanding teaching resource which has come to be appreciated by many trainee psychologists.”
Robert Schweitzer: Associate Professor, School of Psychology and Counselling : QUT

Client: Dr Esben Strodl, School of Psychology, QUT

EdCaN (The Australian National Cancer Nursing Education Project)

Various Health Professionals were interviewed about the best way to care for Aboriginal patients diagnosed with cancer. These interviews are included in a web based resource.

Client: Dr Patsy Yates , Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, QUT

Qld Health (Allied Health Clinical Education and Training Unit)

Filmed four case studies illustrating the benefits of using Assistants in the Allied Health arena. We filmed Assistants at the Sonography Department. Princess Alexandra Hospital, the Toowoomba Adult Rehabilitation Services (TARS), Toowoomba Hospital, the Social Work Department at the Mater hospital and Dietetics Department at the Princess Alexandra Hospital.

Client: Judith Nance Principal Project Officer, Allied Health Clinical Education and Training Unit, Qld Health

ClinEdQ National Conference

Took still images during the conference that were shown at the Gala Dinner. We also produced a promotional DVD of the conference and various segments about the Health Care Team Challenge.

Client: ClinEdQ, Qld Health

QUT – Website Promoting Studying in Australia

Filmed many interviews with students and staff about studying in the Health Sciences at an Australian University.

Client: Sandy Sacre, QUT

Qld Health

Filmed 97 patient handling techniques for an interactive e-learning application for Qld Health nursing staff.

“We would like to thank Paramount Productions for their assistance in producing such a high quality product. The work that was required was very complex, but at all times Paramount provided us with a professional, friendly and timely service, and were very supportive in helping us develop our required product. We would have no hesitation in recommending Paramount or in utilizing their services again in the future.”
Jenny Fuller: Principal OHS Consultant(Healthcare Ergonomics) Safety and Well-being : People and Culture Strategic Services

Client: Queensland Health: Occupational Health and Workplace Safety Unit

QUT – AusSun

24 min DVD to assist the QUT Skin Cancer Awareness Program (SCAP).

Client: Prof Michael Kimlin, Director of AusSun Research, QUT

QUT – School of Psychology

Filmed Presenter in studio and 3 enacted scenarios for the Qld Police about empathy and positive self-talk.

Client: Astrid Wurfl, Dept Psychology , QUT

Qld Health – ABIOS (Acquired Brain Injury Outreach Service)

5 x 12 min stories on The Effects of Brain Injury on Identity for Carers. 5 x 10 min films for Health Professionals.

Client: Judith Nance Rehabilitation Coordinator, Acquired Brain Injury Outreach Service

University of Queensland – School of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences

100 min DVD for care staff and home carers. Dementia and Memory, dramatized scenarios with presenters filmed on a green screen. Dementia and Communication, dramatized scenarios with presenters on location. See the entire Project on YouTube.

The entire project was also produced with subtitles.

Client: Professor Helen Chenery, Deputy Executive Dean (Academic) in the Faculty of Health Sciences and a Group Leader at UQ Centre for Clinical Research

20 min documentary about BIRU, (Brain Injury Unit at the Princess Alexander Hospital).

What will a patient experience when admitted to this unit.

What services are available and how long will recovery take. The story is told the eyes of an aboriginal woman and the experience she had with her son.

10 min discussion with 2 aboriginal women about how they are coping with the reality of having a child with an ABI [Acquired Brain Injury].

15 min training DVD for aboriginal health workers on how to do an initial assessment with a client who has an brian injury.

8 min story about how connecting with your community and culture can assist with brain injury recovery. Story told following an aboriginal woman and her involvement with a local dance group.

8 min story for aboriginal health workers highlighting the services ABIOS offers and how to engage with this valuable resource.

Clients: Susan Gauld and Sharon Smith, Queensland Health, ABIOS

The University of Queensland – Meaningful Musical Moments

Dementia can affect people’s ability to connect and interact with important people in their lives.

Music can help people with dementia to engage in meaningful exercises with family members and friends.

Meaningful Musical Moments is designed to equip family members with strategies that will help facilitate rewarding times of being together with their loved one who has dementia.

This educational package presents demonstrations of how to choose and use music from your own music collection to create opportunities to enjoy quality time together.

Client: Associate Professor Felicity Baker, School of Music, The University of Queensland 

The University of Queensland – Financial Capacity and Dementia

This series of four videos was produced for the Ageing Minds Initiative. The aim of the project was to help protect people with Dementia from being exploited by thieves and relatives. We interviewed experts in the field . This content was inter-cut with dramatic scenarios. We cast actors for these dramatic scenes.

Client: Professor Nancy Pachana, Professor, School of Psychology, Director, Clinical Psychology Training Programs, The University of Queensland 

Ademdus - Open Heart Surgery

We filmed an open heart operation to show promote CardioCel®,  a bio-scaffold material that remains functional, durable and free from calcification. The bio-scaffold  is used to repair congenital heart deformities and more complex heart defects, it is also used to reconstruct dysfunctional heart valves and valve leaflets. We used a Go-Pro camera attached to the surgeon, another camera capturing various angles of the operation.The video was played at an International Expo to promote the product.

Client: Danny Zanardo, Sales Director Admedus

New York University and The University of Queensland – Co-production

For 6 months we filmed 6 family and friends counselling sessions. These sessions will be placed on an American website to help train counsellors to assist people caring with people with Dementia.

Client: John Hobday, Healthcare Interactive

North Coast Area Health Service (NCAHS)

Develop video resources ( 7 x 3 mins) for midwives to increase their confidence and competence when working with pregnant women who smoke. We cast 4 midwives and 6 pregnant woman. Filmed at the Lismore University Centre for Rural Health over 4 days.

“Paramount worked with us to produce some short training videos for health professionals. We are really happy with the end product and found Paramount to be very flexible and patient with us throughout the course of our project.”

Client: Catherine Adams, Northern NSW Local Health District and The University Centre for Rural Health (The University of Sydney) 


QUT School Connectedness Website

We filmed and edited all the interviews for the School of Psychology’s Connectedness Website. A website designed to build resilience and promote positive mental health for teenagers on the autism spectrum. We filmed these interviews on a green screen so that we could change the background to reflect the branding of each online module.

Client: Astrid Wurfl, International Coordinator of Training and Program Development, Resourceful Adolescent Programs, School of Psychology and Counselling, Queensland University of Technology

Queensland Transcultural Mental Health Centre (QTMHC) Metro South Addiction and Mental Health Service | Metro South Health

We produced 5 x training videos for the Queensland Transcultural Mental Health Centre. The durations ranged from 10-30 mins each. We filmed the Presenter in our studio and mixed in the power point slides live. This cut down on post-production costs. We also designed Introduction and Closing motion graphics sequences.

Client: Mohammed Azhari, Senior Project Officer, Queensland Transcultural Mental Health Centre (QTMHC) Metro South Addiction and Mental Health Service | Metro South Health

Queensland Transcultural Mental Health Centre (QTMHC) Metro South Addiction and Mental Health Service | Metro South Health

We filmed and edited all the video content for The Culturally Responsive Suicide Prevention Training project is an initiative that is led by Queensland Transcultural Mental Health Centre (QTMHC) and supported by the Queensland Mental Health Commission. The main aim of this project is to develop culturally responsive suicide prevention training for human service workers and people working in culturally diverse media outlets. We cast the actor for the 6 scenario videos. We produced about 80 individual videos from the lived experience and team member interviews.

Client: Elizabeth Truong Manager, Queensland Transcultural Mental Health Centre Addiction & Mental Health Services | Metro South Health