Are you looking for social video marketing, corporate video production, online video marketing, wedding videography in Brisbane – or any other type of video marketing? Our team is here to help.

Paramount Video Productions and Paramount Digital Media Studios offer TV & Corporate Video Production, Animation, Motion Graphics, eLearning, Drones, Live-streaming and more. Associates do Photography, VR and Augmented Reality. Talk to us today about your needs. We’re more than happy to help you.

  • Corporate
  • Domestic
  • Film & TV Production
  • Web TV Production
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Please choose from 3 opportunities

1. Video production

One-off or Ongoing, based on a 12-month digital media marketing strategy and plan.

2. Ongoing digital marketing campaign

Your Website videos linked to Facebook, YouTube, Linked-in, Instagram and more. An ongoing sizzling media campaign. Presenter-based, as on TV, these lively 3-5 minute stories attract interest in your product. Ongoing stories maintain interest, build your customer database, sell more products and keep your digital media sexy and hot. This fantastic solution to your digital marketing needs is already working well worldwide. Get on board. Sit back. Put your feet up.  Enjoy the fun as we help you invent compelling content for a 12-month Digital Media Marketing Plan. Increase sales. FREE BONUS: valuable professional photos taken on most shoots for your print, website or social media!  WOW !

3. Total Marketing Solution

We produce and help manage ALL, or SOME of your Digital Media Marketing, Training, HR and Events.  This is an All-of-Enterprise, integrated media solution that maximises your media spend and increases profits. Based on a Media Audit, Report, Strategy and a 12-month Plan.

While our focus is on Video Production, Animation, Motion Graphics, Photography and YouTube, our associates do website development, SEO, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and emerging media. You get this entire network through one point of contact via your own dedicated Account Executive.


  • Compelling Sales and Marketing campaigns. Sell more products and services.
  • More effective staff Training and eLearning. Improve productivity and morale: develop the human potential of each staff member over the lifetime of their career with you. Get world-class Induction, Onboarding, Compliance and Human Resources media. Build a more intelligent, more motivated, happier company.
  • Event recording (seminars, workshops, annual financial reports) and Live Streaming. Build your knowledge base. Grow team spirit.

Dance, Stage, Graduations, Theatre, Wedding Video Production

We produce stunning Dance, Theatre, Stage, Graduation and Wedding videos.

Please ask for our prices.

We use exceptional video cameras, talented camera people and top editors to produce wonderful recordings.  Please see our Dance and Wedding pages.

Why is a serious, BBC TV- trained company doing Dance and Weddings? We never expected to when we began Stonehenge Media in 1989, but when we bought Paramount Video in 2000, Dance and Wedding Videos came with the territory.

We’ve grown to love both genres and made great friends with wonderful Dance teachers and their students. It’s a highlight of our year to record Dance, Graduations and Theatre shows at Xmas.

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Film & TV Production

Drama, Documentary, Cinema & TV Advertisements

Web TV Production

Ongoing YouTube content. A variety of 5-minute movies: HOW TO, community events, ComiCon, Expos and Profiles.