Your Video Marketing Strategy

  • For example: "We want to raise awareness of our brand, You’ve Been Ad, and position ourselves as experts in the advertising industry. We want to encourage our target audience to engage with and buy from us."
  • For example: "Our USP is potent brand advertising in a world full of ineffective dullness. Our brand is based on values of professionalism, quirkiness, learning and passion. We try to be honest in all we do."
  • For example: Our audience are brand managers looking to achieve specific objectives. They care most about getting the right people excited about their brands but feel the pain of working with tight budgets.
  • For example: Our major competitors are other advertising agencies like Fire It Up, Brown Bull and Sublime. They mainly produce flashy videos about their own creativity. We aim to educate our audience.
  • For example: There isn’t a lot of educational video content out there to help brand managers. Many competitors create case studies or examples of their work, but awareness-stage informational content is lacking.